Dreamweaver CS3 安全性更新

Published on 06/11,2008



Update the FLVPlayer_Progressive.swf file.

To update the FLVPlayer_Progressive.swf in Dreamweaver and Contribute:
  1. Download the updated Contribute and Dreamweaver update file.
  2. Decompress the .zip or .dmg file.
  3. Browse to the player's folder location:
    • Contribute
      • Windows
        \Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Contribute CS3\Configuration\Templates\Video_Player
      • Mac OS
        /Applications/Adobe Contribute CS3/Configuration/Templates/Video_Player
    • Dreamweaver
      • Windows
        \Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Dreamweaver CS3\configuration\Templates\Video_Player
      • Mac OS 
        /Applications/Adobe Dreamweaver CS3/configuration/Templates/Video_Player
  4. Rename original FLVPlayer_Progressive.swf to FLVPlayer_Progressive.old.
  5. Dreamweaver Only: Rename original FLVPlayer_Streaming.swf to FLVPlayer_Streaming.old.
  6. Drag and drop the FLVPlayer_Progressive.swf from the download into the Video_Player folder.
  7. Dreamweaver only: Drag and drop the FLVPlayer_Streaming.swf from the download into the Video_Player folder.
  8. Restart Dreamweaver or Contribute.

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